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Blues Jr Replacement Tube Board


6/5/2017 – Boards for BJ III’s are also in stock! This is an exact drop in replacement tube board for all Fender Blues Jr Guitar amps.  If your amp makes funny popping noises or suffers from instability, this is for you. I’m asking $35 each plus shipping for these. The originals are poorly designed and easily damaged as illustrated in the top example.  Please use the contact form and follow our PayPal instructions if you would like to purchase these.

Notable Features:
  • Plated through holes for double the tube holding strength of the original
  • Filament supply noise is reduced by removing filament routing from board.
  • High quality FR-4 substrate instead of FR-1 or 2 phenolic board like the original
  • Double sided instead of single sided for lower noise and crosstalk

Fender Rhodes 7054 “Peterson” Amp Redesign Kit


This is an amp redesign that is in the beta testing stage. It is a drop in replacement and requires absolutely no modifications. I have eliminated the fire prone impedance matching transformer. I’ve also added fuses and have taken several steps to improve stability.

Notable Features:
  • This amp includes several protection measures not found on the original.
  • It has a volume adjustment setting.
  • It has a LED to indicate power
  • It is not prone to catching on fire!!

Yamaha CS-80 Light Bulb Set

Yamaha CS80 bulbs

I am selling these in packs of 28 with 2 extras for $70 USD plus shipping.   These are high quality and last a long time.  Please use the contact form and follow our PayPal instructions if you would like to purchase these.

Notable Features:
  • Consumes less current than the originals and runs cooler.
  • Has the same lumen output as the originals
  • Has a longer lifespan
  • These are exactly the same size as the originals.

Wurlitzer Electric Piano Retrofit Kit


6/5/2017 – Taking Orders Now!  This amplifier sets a new bar for Wurlitzer 200 series pianos and electromechanical pianos in general.  Customers have described the substantial increase in fidelity as very compelling and inspirational.

Notable Features:
  • 80dB Dynamic Range!!
  • Substantial improvements in bandwidth
  • Extremely low distortion and low noise
  • Variable tremolo from 1/2Hz to about 15Hz
  • Can be configured to turn speakers on / off
  • Easy to install
  • Can replace all amplifiers in the Wurlitzer 200 series line.

Wurlitzer 200B Replacement Kit


This is a stand alone replacement kit. It can replace all of the original 200 series circuitry with a 9V battery powered or DC adapter powered circuit. Installation is easy.

Notable Features:
  • Runs very quiet and has extremely low distortion
  • No more need for a direct box
  • 100 hour battery life minimum!
  • Can run off of a single 9V battery or a DC adapter

Roland Juno 106 Replacement Chips


This is an exact copy of the original Roland 80017A chip found in the Juno 106, HS-60, Juno 106S, HS-60, MKS-30, and GR700. This chip sounds exactly the same and you will not be able to tell the difference with the originals if you replace only one or all of them.

Notable Features:
  • This chip will not fail!
  • Easy to solder in and does not need sockets
  • Extremely low distortion and low noise
  • Designed to be affordable
  • Calibrates effortlessly to original specs