Roland Juno-106 Repair / HS-60

By Mike Borish

Juno 106 replacement 80017A ICs are here! We are offering them in sets of 6 for $149 U.S. Single 80017a ICs are $30 U.S. Also, we offer an exchange program and we can install the chips and calibrate if you send us your voice board for $239 U.S total plus return shipping.

We are currently in the process of updating our website with e-commerce features. Until then, you can buy replacement ICs at our Reverb store here:

Roland 80017a Juno 106, MKS 30, HS 60, Gr 700

If your Juno-106 or HS-60 is sounding distorted, suffering from periodic pops in the output, or the sound is cutting out, you probably have malfunctioning voice chips. In general, most strange or erratic behavior can be traced back to these 80017A voice chips malfunctioning. Good news! We can help and are the only repair shop in the USA that manufactures our own replacements. Our voice chips and installation / calibration services are priced very competitively. We no longer recommend the epoxy strip method and do not perform it. We don’t take money up front either and our turn around time averages around two weeks.

The second most common problem with the Juno-106 and HS-60 is dirty slide controls. If the little red dots show up frequently on your LED patch number display, even when you haven’t altered the current patch, your sliders are dirty or malfunctioning. We can replace or clean your sliders and have a large stock of replacement parts. If your buttons are not working, we can replace those too with new ones for a competitive price.

Feel free to contact us with any Juno-106 / HS-60 / MKS-7 repair questions. Check out our article here too for further information on industry challenges and tribulations of restoring these classic machines: The Roland 80017A Dilemma

The Roland 80017A Ceramic IC In  a Sealed Epoxy Coating


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