Design & Consulting


We are an established electronic circuit and software design firm: we provide a full range of engineering services for the musical community. From designing a special circuit to removing interference in recording studio wiring, we’re here to help.

Rewiring a studio to eliminate ground problems and/or EMF interference is very expensive and messy: We’ll get it done right the first time.

Our design department has spawned out of finding modern solutions to old problems.  Quite often, it is easier and more economical to manufacture a circuit board than try and fix an old problem.

In the case of a complex project, we’ll meet deadlines and get it right the first first time, saving you time and money.

Notable Projects

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PCB Design

We can design one to four layer FR4 boards featuring analog, digital,or mixed signal designs up to 2000 pins at 6 mil spacing. Surface mount and through hole designs are not a problem.

Circuit Design

We have successfully completed retrofit kits and embedded projects involving switching supplies, microcontrollers, mixed analog / digital designs up to 60Mhz, four layer PCB’s, C/C++ programming, AVR ASM, and PIC ASM, etc. If you want a working prototype for your surface mount design, look no further!

Studio Design

We can wire you studio for you correctly the first time. We specialize in noise removal, ground loop removal techniques, the removal of EMF interference, component interfacing, etc.