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A.K.A. Chicago Synthesizer Repair and Restoration

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Borish Electronics, Chicago’s only expert analog synthesizer repair shop, evolved from and eventually outgrew a simple Facebook page we started out with. Chicago Synthesizer Repair and Restoration, the Facebook page, got so much positive response and feedback that I decided to incorporate and have taken several steps to expand it into what you see today.

We offer a wide range of exemplary services for vintage synthesizers and keyboards from basic cleaning, tuning, repair, and maintenance to full service refurbishing and restoration. We have worked on just about every make and model of synthesizer or synth, modular system, sequencer, controller, interface, and drum machine from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. We are experts in the restoration of electromechanical keyboards, digital pianos, and modern workstations too. We have a large selection of parts in stock. For newer keyboards, digital pianos, and workstations, our affiliate is factory authorized for warranty repairs of most major brands.

Being vintage synth players and enthusiasts, we are keenly aware of what sets these instruments apart from modern recreations and emulations. In short, we understand how these instruments are supposed to perform, respond, and sit in a mix.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or subscribe to our newsletter. We are very active in the local synthesizer community and quite often post synths for sale or industry event details. Feel free to forward us information or contract us if you have something for sale.

We buy synthesizers and keyboards for parts too.

Specialized Services

Moog Modular Restoration

Roland Juno 106 Repair

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We have worked on just about every make and model from the most reputable brands including but not limited to: Roland, Yamaha, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, Korg, EMS, E-mu, EML, Moog, ARP, etc.


We work on Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner, Hammond, and all newer keyboards as well as synths.  Our Affiliate is factory authorized for warranty repairs of newer models. Our affiliate is authorized for Korg, Roland, Yamaha, and Nord.

Drum Machines

We have worked on drum machines by: Emu, Boss, Korg, Roland, Akai, Simmons, Yamaha, Roger Linn, Linn Drum, Akai MPC, etc.


We are comfortable working on all different types of effects – from pedals to rack units to plate reverb installations. We have worked on effects from: Eventide, Lexicon, Roland, Korg, Electro Harmonix, Boss,
DoD, etc.