Wurlitzer Electric Piano 200 Series Retrofit Kit


This product sets a new standard for Wurlitzer Electric Pianos and electromechanical pianos in general. Addressing noise issues inherent in Wurlitzer 200 series pianos led me to discover that the original designs prioritized the safety of a few antiquated transistors over fidelity. The are also some unfortunate mistakes and limitations that can be corrected when modern theory and components are employed. Correcting these issues and shortcomings literally creates an entirely new class of electromechanical tone!

With our Wurlitzer replacement PCB kit, the Wurlitzer Electric Piano is now closer than ever to an ideal electromechanical instrument. Our kit has substantially more to offer when compared to existing technology and digital emulations: low distortion, increased dynamic range, substantial increases in bandwidth, and unparalleled tone. In Short, this retrofit captures far more nuances and idosyncracies than ever possible and puts the Wurlitzer into the forefront of amplified keyboards.

Our retrofit kit is engineered for uncompromising artistic expression and electromechanical fidelity. Variable tremolo speed is also included in the kit. A reed bar preamplifier is not needed. Some models might need reed bar shields.

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Wurlitzer replacement pcb

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